fork biscuit

3 ingredients biscuits for entertaining small people.

Okay. You’ve promised to make cakes or cookies or something with the smallest humans in your domicile. And then you realise you have no eggs or icing sugar and you’re out of pink sprinkles. And it’s starting to rain. FEAR NOT. I have a recipe that you can make with stuff that any sort-of-kinda pantry cupboard can scrape together. 3 things. That’s all. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, Marge. There are fancier
- 3 ingredients biscuits for entertaining small people.

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Banana and blueberry muffins

Going Loco-Bananas

This is one (1) in an occasional series of recipes entitled 'So, you thought your kids would eat the fruit' and I present today two recipes for using up the bananas in the fruit bowl. Both of these actually work best with bananas that have their best days behind them, so you can always pretend you meant to leave them to go squidgy. Banana bread There are a ton of banana bread recipes out there. My favourite, and most fool-proof
- Going Loco-Bananas

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Rainbow of Pyrex by AquaOwl

In praise of Pyrex

Original photo by AquaOwl on flickr I love Pyrex. I love that is it is kitsch, and colourful and cute, and very practical. I love that it is cheap. And I love how kid-friendly it is. Mr AB does not really share my love of Pyrex for its aesthetics but even he has to admit how great it is in a house with two boisterous kids. Up until Thing 2 was 3, we had the usual round of plastic and
- In praise of Pyrex

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tomato tuna couscous

3 Cheaty tea recipes

While I don't intend to write solely recipes, it seemed a good place to start. Here then are the easy kid-friendly foods (YMMV) I keep in stock by way of frozen veg, pasta/noodles/grains and cans of tuna. Tomatoey-tunary-couscous Serves 2 hungry children 1 cup of couscous (250ml) 1 300g tin of tuna in sunflower oil, mostly drained. 1 400g can of cheap chopped tomatoes. 1) Put tomatoes in a small pan. 2) Heat until just bubbling. Turn off
- 3 Cheaty tea recipes

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